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09 Oct 2023



I was born and raise in the rural village of Limpopo Province, Sekhukhune District-Mohlaletse, South Africa. I am a daughter to Mr Watson Masupje & Mrs. Dinah Bokgobelo. My siblings and in -laws are always by my side. I’m an African. I was rising by a family that fears God. I’m married to Maimela and we are blessed with 4 handsome boys age 16,12,10 and 7yrs old.


I grow up under a difficult situation facing cyber bullying at school and streets, because I was born with a unique birthmark on my right leg, the leg was looking different from the other. At streets and school other kids would make fun of me or bulling me, receiving many questions about my leg from older people that makes me more worried. It was not easy, I lost my confidence and happiness, but by the support of my family, teachers and by attending counseling makes my life easy.

I regaining and restoring my confidence by choose modeling, I was just 8 years old. People were enjoying my performance, the energy I had. Their will look at my birthmark and the confidence. That gave a full support, courage to preform frequently. Their got use to me, that’s where the bulling part stopped. I was an inspirational and giving a hope of success in talent to other kids with different disability. I continued regained my confidence, rebuild my life; restoration was a key element to became a better person in live generally.

Being a survivor of cyber bully helped me to run a campaign at schools that called “stand up, report bullying” with a support from local business, Pharmacies and South Africa Police Services. Mission of campaigning is to advice, alert children about the danger of cyber bulling and never stand for the bulling. report bully at school as we are losing a lot of children through it.


I studied and graduated Financial Management, National Diploma. I got employed in one of the Public Service under the Department of Health as an Accounting Clerk promoted to Senior Accounting Clerk, Admin Officer Finance and Senior State Accountant. I worked at different facilities in different Provinces like Limpopo, North West and Mpumalanga to gain experience and to connect with other officials. Moving from one Province another and the promotions gave me a lot of experience.

I have an emotional intelligence, is easy for me to gain the connection from other people. I worked for this department moving from position to another growing with position until I reaches to the position of Assistant Director Finances at Provincial Level. Continue guiding and training more colleagues including my juniors. I have been in these Public Service for 13yrs now. I was inspired by female Senior Accountants when I entered the financial faculty, beginning with our own mother who was managing our family business, I firmly believes that a woman empowerment begins at home.

Breaking the shackles of culture and empower the girl-child to reach her potential. To empower others, one has to embody a lifelong culture of learning for self-empowerment. One is never too late to learn and that when you move forward, you should take others with you. While heavier on the other side of empowering female with the love of finance and modelling.


I started modelling at the age of 8yrs inspired by the Miss South Africa in every year and my dream was to see myself at that position one day. And I managed to take part for Semi finalist for Mrs. South African 2022. Because I have never given up on my dreams. And I won more competitions at my teen stage. Through those channels and platforms I continue entering other National Beauty Pageants as a Semi- Finalist of Mrs. South Africa 2022 and A finalist towards crowning as Mrs. Globe South Africa 2023,that gave me exposure more experience to inspire and be empowered to briefing other women especially at our rural arears .

By encouraging women to move out of a cycle of poverty, abuse ,bullying and other more disadvantaging situation that can claims their happiness and to break the silent of stereotype and fear. Thought the activities and events hosted during the participations of the National Beauty Pageants Competitions, I have managed to touches, transforms and changes lives of many women. I kept it going and never stopped inspiring, empowering, restoring and rebuild both a girl-child, a boy child as well as a woman in general in different occasions.


I’m excited and it is an honored to be recognized, given this opportunity and a platform by the respective international award of WOMEN ICON AWARD, NO .1 Women Leadership Excellent Awards under the category of “Woman Icon of the year award and Women Inspirational Awards” within 15 more countries proudly powered by Times Women”. I also believe that this will be forever assist us to celebrate the power of a woman, woman with purpose, dignity dreams, vision and a mission.

Great thanks to Women Icon empowered by Time Women and World Women Council (WWC) by recognizing women as icon of the world, voicing out to the voiceless, advocate to women, changes lives, gives hope, share warm love of support by inspirering, empowering, praises their value and meaning of a woman worldwide.